Elements of Learning and Achievement

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Stage 4

All The World's A Stage exposure to, and understanding of, William Shakespeare's literature.

Campbell House School

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Australian Voices

In this unit, students will study and respond to The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick.

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Creativity in poetry.

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'I Have An Opinion'

In this unit, students develop appropriate interaction skills when communicating their opinions to others. They explore a range of persuasive texts to develop an understanding of how language can be used to persuade.

Students learn to present opinions that differ from those of others and are provided with opportunities to appropriately share their opinions.

When undertaking this unit, it is important to take into account the individual communication strategies used by students. Students' responses may be communicated through:

  • gestures and/or facial expressions
  • use of visual aids or symbols, such as a communication board
  • assistive or augmentative technology
  • varying degrees of verbal or written expression.

The activities presented may need to be adapted to allow students to respond using their individual communication strategies.

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Dorchester Education and Training Unit

Mega Hunters

A series of cloze passages based on a National Geographic documentary on predatory animal behaviour.

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Australia: The Story Of Us

Australia: The Story Of Us is a narrative about the people, places and events that have shaped the continent from the first inhabitants to the present day.

This drama-documentary series weaves together stories of the nation's origins and offers fresh insights into how Australians came to create the homeland we inhabit today.

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Verona School

Icy Poles

It is important that students are engaged and critical thinkers and that they learn to question and query their environments, ideas, actions, communities and lives.

An integrated unit related to ‘extreme climate survival' will engage and intrigue students and will afford opportunities to investigate and analyse human and animal experiences in harsh, frozen environments in order to help them effectively reason, question and explore different aspects of their worlds.

During this unit students will also be provided with opportunities to develop further their creative writing skills. Students will be encouraged to think imaginatively about ideas and arguments, as well as record, evaluate and reflect on their own learning processes.

Student will explore, examine, analyse and compose a variety of different texts related to Earth's coldest regions.

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Persuasive Writing: The 13 Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths

The unit is designed to develop student ability to formulate and compose persuasive arguments and text. Ideas and themes found in the text The 13 Story Treehouse will be used to develop student skills in persuasive composition.

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