Elements of Learning and Achievement

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Great Teaching, Inspired Learning

Great Teaching, Inspired Learning focuses on teacher quality through the support and development of teachers (NSW Government, 2013).

Initial teacher education

Focused on attracting best and brightest, strengthening the professional experience in partnership with universities, and improving the evidence base for our teaching workforce.

Entry into the profession

Focused on providing better support for beginning teachers, streamlining probation and accreditation processes, and improving induction support for beginning teachers.

Develop and maintain professional practice

Focused on strengthened performance management and development processes, and improving the management of underperformance.

Recognise and share outstanding practice

Focused on moving to a standards-based career structure, (NSW Government, 2013strengthening school leadership, and sharing and using evidence and good practice.

The Elements of Learning and Achievement provide a framework that supports staff across a range of settings to understand our philosophy and practices, making entry into our setting less complicated and more streamlined.

The Elements can provide teachers with evidence as they work towards their accreditation at all levels, and develop a common language and focus for the schools in our community to collaborate and lead different initiatives across settings.

There are two key frameworks that are supported within Great Teaching, Inspired Learning (NSW Government, 2013), Strong Start, Great Teachers (Department of Education, 2015) and the Quality Teaching Framework (Department of Education, 2008).

Strong Start, Great Teachers focusses on providing information, advice, guidance and ideas to support beginning teachers using the 5C Model of School-based Induction.

The Quality Teaching Framework was based on research and designed to describe the major elements of good classroom and assessment practice (Department of Education, 2008).


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