Elements of Learning and Achievement

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Verona School

Verona School is a School for Specific Purposes that caters for students experiencing behavioural difficulties that impact on their learning.

The school supports 21 students in Years 5 to 12.

The Verona program is designed to support the holistic needs of the student, including social and living skills, the development of academic outcomes across all key learning areas with a particular emphasis on literacy and numeracy.

Programs and key initiatives

Verona School has been developing a range of programs under the Elements of Learning and Achievement.

Shared programs posted include:

  • English: 4
  • maths: 4
  • science: 4
  • HSIE (human society and its environment): 4
  • PDHPE (personal development, health and physical education): 3

Total: 19

For more information on Verona School, please see the school's website.