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Financial mathematics

By studying mathematics, students develop knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical concepts and their use within the classroom and beyond

Campbell House School 

Financial Mathematics - Stages 4 and 5 will see students Investigate GST. solve problems involving earning money, and investigate and calculate 'best buys'.

For more information, download:

Financial Maths Unit Plan (DOCX 1.48MB)

Financial Mathematics - Stage 5

The program focuses on extending and strengthening preliminary numeracy skills and place value understandings. It puts an understanding of why numbers have value and help them think about how to combine quantities and eventually how this process connects with a written procedure. The program's content focuses on equipping students with the skills to use, save and receive money. Students work towards being able to work with money at a cashier level. Students are required to think logically and gain practice in working the most efficient phone plan, payment plans and premiums. Students are using abstraction when trying to solve problems.

For more information, download:

Financial Maths Unit Plan (DOCX 664KB)