Elements of Learning and Achievement

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Technological and applied studies

The Elements of Learning and Achievement community of schools offers technological and applied studies (TAS) courses.

Food Technology 

In TAS, students use a range of tools, materials and techniques in the design process and technological experiences through theory and practical lessons.

Edgeware School

Breakfast World Tour - Stage 5

A Food Technology program to develop students' engagement with food preparation and cultural investigation centred around the theme of breakfasts eaten around the world. The key ideas are:

  • To develop safe food preparation practices

  • To engage students in researching, planning, cooking and costing breakfast meals

  • To develop students' understandings and appreciation of the world they live in and different cultures way of life

  • To develop students functional literacy and numeracy skills

  • Cross-curricular topics and outcomes

  • Supporting the Elements of learning and Achievement

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Campbell House School

Equity in Food Technology - Stage 4 and 5

The goal of the unit is to expose students to various foods from different cultures. The unit is structured in a tiered manner. The initial practical lessons utilise minimal cooking and complexities. Throughout the unit the skill level and self-management involved in the cooking practicums increase. Students are focusing on knife handling skills throughout the unit and are learning how to prepare and assemble fresh ingredients before they learn how to use these ingredients to cook with.

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Design and Technology 

Edgeware School

Woodwork - Stages 4, 5 and life skills

Technology - Mandatory (Stage 4)

Industrial - Technology (Stage 5)

Woodwork and Maintenance Elective

An introduction to living skills on simple home maintenance and wood working. There is a theory and practical component to this unit.

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