Elements of Learning and Achievement

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School context has multiple aspects to be considered. The size, location and dynamic of your school and the communities your school will serve differs drastically between schools.

Some initial questions to consider when discussing context could be:

  • What needs do my students, staff and wider community have?
  • What are the expectations and strategic directions for our school?
  • What does my school believe in?
  • What is my school committed to achieving?
  • What do I want our students to be able to achieve?
  • What are the learning and social needs of our students?

Once the needs, context and strategic directions of your school have been established, your school can begin to plan for the Elements of Learning and Achievement.

The following provides an example of strategic directions focussed on the Elements of Learning and Achievement.

The Elements of Learning and Achievement is a framework to support the school community in delivering holistic quality teaching and learning to improve students' academic, social and vocational outcomes. The Elements aim to provide students with the skills to engage successfully in a global society. The Elements offer educational outcomes for all students to build their academic and social confidence through engagement in all subjects by working towards their personalised goals. Teachers will endeavour to ensure learning for students is based on proactive educational delivery, high expectations, quality relationships and consistent professional practices.

The school community works in collaboration with stakeholders to embed a learning and achievement framework that incorporates principles of positive psychology and active communication to provide a culture of success and wellbeing for students and staff. Staff are committed to developing quality relationships to support personalised learning and social outcomes for students. Quality relationships and personalised learning will be a focus for the school to encourage all staff, community members and students in working together to address personalised learning outcomes.

Staff have a framework to provide learning experiences through a curriculum that meets the diverse needs of our students. Staff will engage in professional teacher development to provide a pedagogy relevant to the learning and achievement needs of our students. The school community will promote a consistent vision that inspires a culture of engaged communication, empowered leadership and organisational practices that ensure our student learning and social outcomes are achievable in a school environment that is positive, supporting, safe and non-threatening.