Elements of Learning and Achievement

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Stage 3

National Rugby League Unit is designed to engage and motivate students, encourage a sense of community within the classroom and allow students to feel part of the wider football community. This unit will focus on reading, writing and spelling.

Karingul School

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Animal Book Study

Imagery – words and pictures is a picture book and media study focussing on how authors, Illustrators and artists use imagery to express meaning.

Students participate in numerous writing activities allowing them to experiment with the use of imagery in their writing including the use of similes, metaphors, personification and sound devices such as alliteration.

Students also create artworks using different techniques to express meaning. This links to Visual Arts.

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Dorchester Education and Training Unit

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is derived from an American television show that has now been developed in Australia. In this unit, students will analyse aspects of the show in relation to marketing and advertising techniques.

Students will initially be provided with an overview of the show, examples of previous ideas and finally using all information learnt throughout the unit; create their own product to present in the classroom.

Students' ideas must be approved by the teacher and be deemed appropriate. Students will deliver their product in a pitch to the class through a speech and or PowerPoint.

They must provide the necessary points provided in the booklet as well as show the designs of the product and a commercial or jingle.

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