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PDHPE provides students with opportunities to explore issues that are likely to impact on the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves and others – now and in the future. Students also participate in challenging and enjoyable physical activity, improving their capacity to move with skill and confidence.

Campbell House School

Individual and Community Health - Stages 4 and 5

Students are continuing exploring individual and community health

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Drug Safety - Stages 4 and 5

Key ideas explored in this unit include exploring the concept of risk and analyse the factors that influence drug use.

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Karningul School

Tobacco Program - Stage 3

Unit modified from NSW Education & Communities Smoke Screen Stage 3 2011.

Students begin to identify products and substances that have a positive and negative effect on the body. This unit focuses on the negative effects of tobacco and allows students to discover the effects their decisions may have on themselves, others and the community. Students develop assertively was to deal with the possible harassment or coercion to smoke tobacco and devise strategies to minimise its cost to society.

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Edgeware School

Introduction to Health and Fitness - Stage 5

Students will gain a comprehensive introduction to health and fitness.

  • how to develop a life-long approach towards keeping fit

  • the importance of having a healthy life-style

  • understand basic nutrition

  • eating healthy; cooking healthy

  • making positive life-style choices,

  • plan and achieve goals

  • increase fitness levels, ability, co-ordination, skills, range of movement

  • address health issues effecting adolescents including mental health

  • diversity and inclusion in sport; woman and indigenous Australians

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Verona School

Better Health - Stage 4

In this unit of work students analyse individual health habits and their effects on their lives. They learn to explore their sense of self and what influences shape who they are. Students specifically look at adolescence and change, healthy food habits and components of a balanced lifestyle to better understand how and what is needed to improve their lifestyles. In addition, students look at their physical activity levels and personal benefits of participation in physical activity.


Lesson 1.1 (DOCX 56KB)Lesson 1.2 (DOCX 939KB)Lesson 1 PPT (PPT 519KB)

Lesson 2.1 (DOCX 193KB)Lesson 2.2 (DOCX 14KB)Lesson 2 PPT (PPT 519KB)

Lesson 3 (DOC 258KB)

Lesson 4 (DOCX 128KB)Lesson 4 PPT (PPTX 361KB)

Lesson 5.1 (DOCX 14KB)Lesson 5.2 (DOCX 121KB)Lesson 5.3 (DOCX 1.65MB)

Lesson 6.1 (PDF 404KB)Lesson 6.2 (PDF 811 KB)Lesson 6.3 (DOCX 15KB)Lesson 6 PPT (PPTX 75KB)

Lesson 7.1 (DOC 47KB)Lesson 7.2 (PDF 728KB)Lesson 7 PPT (PPT 1.47MB)

Lesson 8.1 (DOCX 13KB)Lesson 8.2 (PDF 1.48MB)Lesson 8.3 (PDF 728KB)Lesson 8 PPT (PPT 534KB)

Lesson 10 (DOC 25KB)Lesson 10 PPT (PPT 395KB)

Lesson 11 (DOCX 19KB)

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Healthy Food Habits - Stage 5

Body Image and Dieting (PDF 607KB)

Body Systems and Energy (PDF 6.45MB)

Changing Shape (830KB)

Cult Social Meeting (PDF 81KB)Cult Social Meeting 2 (PDF 85KB)

Diet and Activity (PDF 576KB)Diet and Activity 2 (PDF 507KB)

Eating Disorders 1 (PDF 925KB)Eating Disorders 2 (PDF 678KB)

Healthy Food Habits (PDF 884KB)

Healthy Habit Experiment (PDF 162KB)

Nutrients in Food Groups (PDF 841KB)

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