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In HSIE, students explore varied subjects in human society and its environment to learn about history, geography, people, societies and culture.

Campbell House School

Indigenous Education - Stage  5

This program focuses on the changing rights and freedoms of Indigenous Australians and assumes that students do not have prior knowledge on the topic.

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Vikings - Stages 4 and 5

This unit is a study of the Viking culture during the period of AD 790 – c.1066. Students will explore the way of life of the Viking societies of this period, focusing on cultural elements such as social and political structures, the role of religion and the economic foundations of the Viking people. Students will also look at the reasons for Viking expansion and the impact of the Viking invasions of England and Northern Europe. The topic will explore written evidence from primary and secondary sources as well as a range of archaeological evidence of weaponry, shipbuilding and manufacturing technology. The Depth Study will ask students to look closely at how the Viking culture is a clear example of the move from the Ancient to the Modern World as it clearly shows the effects of contact between cultures and the improvement in manufacturing and technological skills.

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Verona School

History Ancient Egypt - Stage 4

During this unit, students will gain an understanding of the society of Ancient Egypt while developing inquiry skills. Students will identify primary and secondary sources and evaluate their usefulness to a particular historical inquiry.

Note: This unit also comes with powerpoints in other lessons that were unable to be uploaded due to the size of the embedded videos. 

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Rights and Freedoms - Stage 5

Students investigate struggles for human rights in depth. This will include how rights and freedoms have been ignored, demanded or achieved in Australia and in the broader world context.

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