Elements of Learning and Achievement

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The Elements of Learning and Achievement Framework was built with four key sections in order to include all stakeholders across the school community.

From the top down these are:

  • Strategic directions

This layer explores the school plan, strategic direction and vision of the school.

  • Focus areas and policy

The focus areas and policy section addresses the Department of Education policies and reforms, and can also include key focus initiatives appropriate to your school.

For example, in the following image Aboriginal education and transition from school to community were included as they are key priorities, addressed specifically to support the school-specific needs of a School for Specific Purposes (SSP).

  • Australian curriculum: General capabilities

The third layer incorporates the relevant curriculum, in this case, the Australian curriculum: General capabilities.

  • Students' elements pillars (core skill set)

The final layer of the Elements Framework addresses the core skills and knowledge students will learn through the Elements of Learning and Achievement.

These are the pillars which tie together each of the other three layers to make learning practical and relevant, supporting students to become successful, lifelong learners.

More information on how to develop an Elements Framework that suits your school can be found in Planning.

The Elements of Learning and Achievement are already being developed and implemented across a range of settings. The educational settings below have each designed and implemented the Elements of Learning and Achievement.