Elements of Learning and Achievement

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When planning for the Elements of Learning and Achievement, there are a number of key questions to consider.

These include:

  • Who will lead the Elements across the school community, and what are their responsibilities?
  • How can the Elements support the formal and informal curriculum within the school to engage students in the learning cycle?
  • How will the Elements be connected to the school strategic plan?
  • How can the Elements support student learning and wellbeing outcomes?

Four tools have been included in this section that can be used to help plan for the Elements of Learning and Achievement.

Template for the Elements and Your School Planning sheet

This Planning Template (DOCX 29KB) has been provided to support discussion in your school, consolidate your strategic directions, and begin to develop a plan for the Elements of Learning and Achievement.

4-D Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Cycle 

An AI Cycle is a research based tool designed to build knowledge and engagement in change by building on strengths. This tool has been used to support the implementation of the Elements Framework within your school setting.

Visit the David Cooperrider and Associates website for more information. 

Discover: This section identifies and appreciates the best of what is. It is also described as the appreciating stage, and is used to focus on the best parts of the Elements and how they can support your school as they are.

Dream: This section builds on the positives identified in Discover and explores the possibilities for success in the future, or imagining what could be. It is also described as the vision you have for the Elements, and what you want the Elements to achieve in your school setting.

Design: Design explores the ideal of what the Elements can be to best suit the needs of your students and staff. The design phase also explores how to develop a plan to sustain the Elements as a positive change for your school.

Destiny: Destiny focusses on how to empower, learn and improvise once the Elements have been implemented in your setting. It sustains the Elements by promoting continual learning and adjustments to sustain a shared ideal and a positive image of the future. This is building sustainable strategies towards what will be.

Please see our 4D template (DOCX 21KB) for more information.

5P Plan

5P Plan is another tool that can be used to support the implementation of the Elements of Learning and Achievement once the framework has been developed.

The included 5P Plan provides an example of how the Elements of Learning and Achievement can be implemented across the whole school community.

Please see our 5P Plan template (DOCX 15KB) for more information.

Developing Your Elements Framework

Developing and personalising your Elements Framework is instrumental in planning for introducing the Elements of Learning and Achievement to your school.

This flowchart provides instructions for the key aspects needed when developing your own Elements Framework, and a diagram showing where each section is included within the framework. Also included is a blank Elements Framework for you to fill out for your school.

A large part of your planning is to build Elements framework to support the needs of all members of your school community. When building your Elements of Learning and Achievement there are four key sections: direction; policy; curriculum; and skills.

This page details each of these sections and demonstrates where they can be placed on a blank Elements Framework.

Please see our blank framework (DOCX 263KB).

For more information, and a range of example Elements Frameworks currently being implemented in school settings please refer to Frameworks.


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