Elements of Learning and Achievement

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5P plans

5P Plans are a useful resource for planning and demonstrating the significance of different school events, or to use as a Teaching and Learning Plan cover page.

This page can be used to share 5P plans using the Elements of Learning and Achievement by downloading the 5P plan template (DOCX 15KB).

The following 5P Plans may also incorporate outcomes from other Key Learning Areas, and multiple Elements Pillars.

Campbell House School

Positive education, Stages 4 to 6 

Campbell House School has developed a program based on Positive Education, which is based on Martin Seligman's PERMA (H). The program will start with a Strengths based approach to learning to support each student's wellbeing, grow their strengths, increase school success and boost life satisfaction.

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Harmony Day, Stages 4 to 6

This 5P plan was developed to allow students to explore different cultures for Harmony Day.

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Therapy Dog, Stages 4 to 6

This 5P plan was developed to introduce a therapy dog to Campbell House School.

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