Elements of Learning and Achievement

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Authors and contributors

The Elements of Learning and Achievement Manual and the following sections were authored by: 

  • Kate Prumm, PhD Candidate at UNSW, Educator with the Department of Education
  • Robert Patruno, Principal with the Department of Education,

With thanks to the following contributors for their continual support, perspective, input and advice:

Dorchester Education and Training Unit

  • Alexandra Stylis (Relieving Principal)

Campbell House School

  • Marisa Pjanic (Principal)
  • Kendell Neighbour (Relieving Assistant Principal)
  • Dylan Nicholson (Assistant Principal)
  • Rhianna Milburn (Teacher)

Verona School

  • Craig Wheele (Principal)
  • Kylie Jones (Assistant Principal)

Liverpool Hospital School

  • Kay Howe (Relieving Principal)

Leadership Learning

  • Toni Simms