Elements of Learning and Achievement

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School Excellence Framework

The School Excellence Framework (accessible here) identifies and describes the requirements for schools to demonstrate high-quality practice.

Each of the relevant policies and practices can be placed throughout this framework and it provides the basis for the Elements of Learning and Achievement.

Both frameworks work towards improving student learning outcomes through planning individual learning paths, engaging students in relevant educational opportunities, supporting successful transitions to future learning and employment, and providing students with the skills they need to be successful global citizens.

The Elements of Learning and Achievement link closely to Excellence in each of the School Excellence Framework (SEF) elements in Learning, Teaching and Leading. 

The following 2 files are tracking systems for methods of evaluating where your school fits into the School Excellence Framework.

The first one, Evidence Overview (DOCX 141KB), is a single page table that records the evidence you are collecting to meet the different elements of the School Excellence Framework.

The second one, SEF Evaluation (DOCX 205KB), explores the focus areas in more detail, and leaves space to give examples and details of how your school is meeting each SEF element, as well as what you will be using for evidence, and where your school will move forward from where you are currently.


Department of Education, NSW Government (2014) School Excellence Framework.