Elements of Learning and Achievement

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Once the Elements of Learning and Achievement are implemented they are communicated to all members of the school community.

The framework needs to be displayed across the school community in every classroom, and found in all key school documents, such as the School Plan, Teaching and Learning programs, newsletters, annual school reports.

The Elements also need to be discussed at assemblies, parent/teacher meetings, inductions/enrolment and award days.

Communicated to:

  • students
  • staff
  • parents/caregivers
  • key stakeholders such as external support agencies
  • community of Schools group
  • the school community, parents/guardians.

Communicating about:

  • effect on students, staff and the school community
  • effectiveness of programs and products developed for the Elements.

Communicated by:

  • placing visuals up around the school community, such as classrooms, for others to see
  • developing a common language
  • discussing the Elements of Learning and Achievement at assemblies
  • discussing the Elements of Learning and Achievement at staff meetings
  • development of teacher/student induction packages
  • enrolment procedures
  • school presentation days to introduce the Elements
  • including Elements in newsletters
  • students awards incentives
  • Teaching and Learning programs
  • Personalised Learning and Support Plans
  • including the Elements language in the reports
  • positive letters home linked to the Elements.