Elements of Learning and Achievement

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Wellbeing Framework

The Wellbeing Framework (Department of Education, 2015) states that excellence in wellbeing is achieved by developing a comprehensive, integrated strategy to support the wellbeing of students in a context of quality teaching and learning.

The Elements of Learning and Achievement Framework connects students to their learning and their community, and enables them to succeed in the school environment, and gives them the tools to thrive once they return to their mainstream schools or transition to the wider community.

The Elements of Learning and Achievement support the 6 key aspects of the Wellbeing Framework (page 5).

  • Teaching and learning
  • Behaviour
  • Discipline and character education
  • Learning and support
  • Professional practice
  • Effective leadership
  • School planning

We consistently promote expectations of respect, responsible and safe behaviour. Staff are trained in Non-violent Crisis Intervention (NCI) to recognise, prepare, respond and utilise crisis interventions for students who are unable to regulate their emotions or reactions.

NCI training is incorporated into the Elements of Learning and Achievement to ensure the best care, welfare, safety and security for staff and students when students become disruptive, assaultive or lose control.

Please download our Wellbeing Framework (PDF 165KB) for more information.


Department of Education, NSW Government (2015) The Wellbeing Framework for Schools.