Elements of Learning and Achievement

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The elements and your school

There are many elements to ensuring your school students get the best from their learning experience.

When you’re reviewing your school’s elements of learning and achievement there are many aspects you need to consider.


Knowing the context in which you teach will be helpful for deciding what to teach. This is explored more on the Context page.


It's vital that you start planning and asking questions about how you can teach. When you plan you will have a much clearer direction. More information is provided on the Planning page.


The next step in developing your curriculum and is to implement your plan. The implementation will be based how your school operates. You can read more about how to implement your plan on the Implementing page.


Everyone learns differently however one key element of teaching is communication. Communication isn’t just about speaking to your school’s community. It also relates to the delivery of the message. To learn more about communication there is information available on the Communication page.


Everything in school is based around learning and assessment so after you’ve implemented the elements to get the best results from your school’s community, you can review it using the tips available on the Reviewing page.